There shouldn't be shame when it comes to sex. It should be embraced, and in the world of those who do, there is a freedom that they thrive in. The world opens up between the legs of people. The energy exchanged in sexual acts can change lives. You get enough of that energy moving, you could change the world. Amplify that energy? You could tear the world apart.

At the sex club "Vibrations", a violent murder has taken place. The police are baffled by the murder. They can't find a murder weapon, and can't even identify of what might have caused the distinct marks found on the body. 

There is one group of people who have an idea of what happened. A sub-section of the magic community, The Controllers, think there are other worldly things at play. Break ins have been escalating across the city, and the targets have been very specific. All items link to a myth of a greater evil that might be coming.

Hopefully, someone can find out what is happening and stop whatever might happen. Or has it already begun? 

Sex and Other Demons

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